Friday, October 25, 2013


New research shows the Arctic is practically baking under anthropogenic global warming, hottest in 120,000 years - Green - Catholic Online
Miller says that solar radiation was a full 9 percent greater 11,700 years ago than it is today. During that time, the last ice age ended and global temperatures warmed. However, despite that more recent peak in warming, temperatures today are even hotter.

Miller and his colleagues reached their conclusions by measuring the gas bubbles trapped in ice cores.
Even if there is no additional warming over the next several years, researchers say they expect the ice caps to disappear.
A response to my critics on global warming » Spectator Blogs
[Matt Ridley] not one of my critics managed to disprove my central assertion, that climate change is probably causing net benefits now and is likely to continue doing so for some decades yet.
Behind the warming lawsuit: Special interests push costly measures on Alaska - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Letters To Editor
Sadly, Nelson has been used as a proxy by the well-funded and well-organized environmentalists. A video and photos show Nelson and his family in their village. A five-man crew flew in from as far away as New York and shot the raw footage, which was then turned into a slick video by award-winning producers in Montana.

At the tip of the iceberg of outside environmental groups are iMatter Campaign, Our Children’s Trust and Witness, but it runs much deeper, with ties to organizations that have assets in excess of $1.2 billion and include the Tides Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, according to Form 990s filed with the IRS. The lawsuit in Alaska is one of nine filed nationally, each presented as if it originated from young Americans.

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