Friday, October 25, 2013

Musk: Electric car incentives aren't strong enough; also "if you have Tesla Model S, you'll be able to drive for free, for ever, on sunlight"

Elon Musk: oil campaign against electric cars is like big tobacco lobbying | Environment | The Guardian
[Musk] does not think governments are doing enough to support the electrification of cars, despite a grant scheme that knocks £5,000 off the price of new plug-in vehicles.
"If we start seeing bazillions of electric cars on the road, then maybe we can reel back the incentives. The acid test is are there tons of electric cars on the road? Well, no, probably the incentives aren't strong enough."
He rates himself as "greenish" in his personal life. He switches off lights when he leaves a room, and has installed solar panels on his home, but "it's not like I've got LED lights everywhere, and I'm not a vegetarian.
...The cars will eventually be powered by solar panels, he said, which should generate more power than is used by the cars recharging.

"What we're trying to convey is that, if you have Tesla Model S, you'll be able to drive for free, for ever, on sunlight."

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These statements are very interesting. I also believe that governments should implement stronger policies to support electric mobility, not merely with incentives for those who buy the environmentally friendly cars. For example, you should create programs that provide in a few years the establishment of a wide charging network for electric vehicles throughout the country. What do you think about this topic?