Tuesday, October 29, 2013


How global warming could boost green energy in an unexpected way (+video) - CSMonitor.com
"Water's a bigger problem than temperature,” [Mort Webster, an associate professor of engineering systems at MIT] says.
US Chamber President Tom Donohue Pushes Deceitful Dirty Energy Talking Points
The U.S. Chamber is in the tank for the dirty energy industry, and Donohue’s insistence that the United States government is hindering our quest for unnecessary oil is clear proof of that.
Bill McKibben says wind is cheap as coal. Jo Nova says “so who needs a carbon tax then?” « JoNova
To which I say, fantastic. If wind power is as cheap as coal, we don’t need a carbon tax, emissions trading schemes, renewable targets, or other subsidies … people will use wind simply because it is cheaper. Alternatively, Bill is talking out of his hat.

Kill the schemes, cut the subsidies. Bring it on. I say!
The New Renewables Narrative: Buyer Beware — MasterResource
If supporters of renewable energy, such as wind and solar, said it was heavily subsidized on both the state and federal level, had an artificial market created by government mandates, would help mitigate global warming, was the recipient of taxpayer dollars through Obama’s 2009 stimulus bill that funded projects like Solyndra, and was marred by cronyism, the right would run.

Instead the wily tactics have won over a few Republicans with strong conservative résumés (or given cover for those who really know better). Those sell-outs are working hard to bring their peers into the fold.

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