Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Britain Cuts Environment Staff As BBC Comes Under Fire For Giving Airtime To Climate Deniers | ThinkProgress
The [Environment Agency], which enforces environmental regulations and also manages Britain’s flood risk, will reduce its 11,400-member staff to around 9,700 by October 2014 due to budget cuts
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper says biofuels will cause high food price inflation, but don't worry, you'll eat less as a result
A paper published today in Global Environmental Change finds biofuel production will cause a significant increase in future food prices, especially in the US. The authors predict that high food price inflation due to producing biofuels in the US will lead to fewer calories consumed [aka more people starving], but says nonetheless CO2 "emissions per calorie [will increase] slightly in all three countries [US, China, Brazil]." This begs the question, why do we burn our food?
Greenland parliament right to repeal ban on uranium mining as independence nears | Alaska Dispatch
several projections show Greenland amongst the world's top 5 uranium exporters by 2030


Doug Proctor said...

Re: should the BBC allow "deniers" a place on their programme?

When all the conditionals like could, might, may become declaratives like will, shall and does, there will be no need to argue with skeptics. But since conditionals dominate, and we are talking about potentials, of probabilities, not determined events with a time, place and content, skeptics still have a reason to be heard.

papertiger said...

Re: Doug Procter

As if the BBC ever let skeptics talk in the first place.

As if the BBC had the power to shut us up.