Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Twitter / PeterGleick
@wottsupwiththat Wasting your time? Trolling? Lying? Trying to get attention? Block. I block about 3 for every 200 followers.  [With ~9k followers, he's blocked 135 people?]
Twitter / BadAstronomer
The irony of David Rose asking Michael Mann for evidence to a claim just made my head explode.
Avid environmentalist challenges climate change alarmists on species extinctions | The SPPI Blog
“My hope is my book will separate the politics climate change from legitimate environmental science and promote more respectful debate instead of dismissing justified skepticism as denial,” the avid environmentalist said. “Good conservation science has helped the recovery of gray whales, bald eagles, walruses and polar bears. The scare tactics used by climate alarmists are misdirecting our conservation efforts and causing a backlash against environmentalists. I hope the book demonstrates what good environmental stewardship really entails.”
The Polar Express is Leaving the Station « Roy Spencer, PhD
This has been a record cold summer in Alabama, and we had cool fronts pass through regularly all summer long. I don’t recall that ever happening in the 30 years we have lived here. The lawn stayed spring-green all summer, when usually we have to work to keep it alive.

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