Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The True Global Warming Crisis: The Fibs Underlying The Theory - Forbes
And what are the big takeaway lessons in all of this? A key one is that apparently no one, and particularly not IPCC, can be trusted to tell us what turn the climate will take next, or in which direction. Don’t buy a used car from anyone who tells you that they are certain, and for sure, don’t trust them when their past performance proves otherwise.
Letters: An honest debate on climate change | Environment | The Guardian
Millions of people are currently being driven into fuel poverty, hunger, malnutrition and respiratory ill health by today's climate policies. Mr Ward appears to think they should be ignored in favour of concern for the welfare of wealthier people in the next century. He may be right, but I do not share his certainty, and I think an honest debate is better than distortion and misrepresentation of others' views.
▶ Fighting Climate Change By Killing Eagles To Save Them - YouTube
Discussion about new report on measure.
Fox News: Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld
Climate change affecting North American forests, researchers find - The Washington Post
The researchers said that warmer temperatures and increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are boosting tree growth, which could have a positive impact on economies that depend on timber and wood pulp, and could help pull carbon out of the ecosystem.

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