Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Climate Science Frozen In Time | Real Science
Some climate scientists are stuck at the Arctic minimum of 2012. Others are stuck at the warm US spring of 2012. Still others are stuck at the 15 minutes above freezing on the Greenland ice sheet during 2012. I suspect some are still stuck at the European heatwave of 2003.

Most prominent climate scientists believe that time began sometime after 1970, and ended in 2012.
Climate Crazies Meet The New Normal :: The Market Oracle
The climate crazies with paint on their faces yipping on the runway to greet hero Al Gore landing his Gulfstream 5 private jet – for yet another 45-minute Climate Crisis tirade billed at $100 000 – are all gone now. Like Darwin's theory says, primitive life forms die out sooner or later.
6 EU Member States keep doors open to banned carbon credits | Scoop News
Brussels, 14 October 2013 - At today’s meeting of EU Environment Ministers, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Spain refused to extend the EU-ETS ban on industrial gas offset credits to their national greenhouse gas reduction targets, prompting concern that some EU Member States are not taking their environmental responsibilities seriously.
Return of the worm - do they really increase soils' greenhouse gas emissions? | Carbon Brief
The earthworm: climate friend or climate foe? Some studies claim their presence in soil leads to an increase in carbon dioxide emissions. But new research argues that over time, worms help soil act as a major carbon sink - locking up more carbon from the atmosphere than it otherwise would.

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