Wednesday, October 09, 2013


Crisis, cold weather to blame for drop in bike sales | Prague Monitor
Long winter, cold spring and the economic crisis are behind the drop in sales...
POLITICO poll: Plurality of Virginians favors EPA climate rule - Andrew Restuccia -
When the results are broken down by ethnic group, the survey found that 52 percent of Hispanics support EPA climate rules on coal plants, compared with 48 percent of blacks and 43 percent of whites.
Local Scientist Defends Climate Change -
[Warmist Hayhoe] "Lubbock's climate for plants feel just like Austin's did 20 years ago. That's how fast things are changing and we can see them all around us."
▶ Global Warming Reality and Hype, Mike Stopa for U.S. Congress, Mass 5th, Special Election 2013 - YouTube
[6.5 minute video:  He says it's not a hoax, but "hysteria"] Mike Stopa is a Republican running for U.S. Congress in Massachusetts 5th district in the special election to replace Ed Markey.

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chris y said...

Hayhoe is FOS. Crosbyton TX near Lubbock averaged 62.7F in 2012. Blanco TX near Austin averaged 67F in 2012.

Whatever Hayhoe is yammering about, it isn't science.