Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Now Greenpeace chief Naidoo drops the bravado in a letter to Russia: We "do not believe ourselves to be above the law", and hey, did I mention that I think Russia is a "great nation"?

Greenpeace International head urges meeting with President Putin
They, we, Greenpeace, do not believe ourselves to be above the law. We are willing to face the consequences of what we did, as long as those consequences are within a nation’s criminal code as any reasonable person understands that code to be.
One day after the arrest of the activists, the United Nations issued its latest warning on the threat posed to all of us, to your nation, to mine, to the world, by climate change. The findings of the report, authored by our greatest scientific minds, imply that we cannot afford to prospect for and burn new sources of fossil fuels. That is why the protesters felt compelled to make the stand they did, a stand that was both peaceful and respectful of your nation.
...This continued affair benefits nobody, including the great nation of Russia, and certainly not the families and friends of the people in prison.

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