Friday, October 18, 2013


Alarmists Just Can’t Get A Break | Real Science
Alarmists are having a tough year. They can’t create any warming or much in the way of hurricanes or tornadoes, Arctic ice has grown 60%, fire count has been the lowest in decades, and now their permanent drought has abandoned them too.
Barossa grape growers devastated by frost damage - ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
My dad's been farming for about 40 years and he's never seen a frost that bad
Big business allowed to precook climate negotiations behind closed doors – for the foreseeable future | Corporate Europe Observatory
As already reported on this blog, the meeting to decide this November's negotiating agenda was an invite only affair for government and business, with civil society excluded. So no public scrutiny, no accountability, and only the Minister's own conclusions to indicate what was discussed
Quark Soup by David Appell: Mark Steyn: Wrong on the Science, If Not More
What planet does Steyn live on? What journals does he read? The hockey stick isn't discredited, at all -- and certainly not "increasingly" so.

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