Friday, October 18, 2013


Uncertain future of climate uncertainty | Climate Etc.
However, the IPCC feels compelled to continually increase confidence levels (now to 95% on the 20th century attribution), despite the reality of the situation whereby negative disconcerting learning is taking place and previous assumptions are being challenged. Acknowledgement of negative learning, even disconcerting learning, seems important to avoid this senseless march towards increasing confidence as the model projections and observations diverge.
The planet won’t be saved by exporting our cash | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
We are slowly edging to reason - a realisation that nothing Australia does will actually have any measurable effect on temperatures. In the meantime, billions will be squandered and dumb “solutions” proposed
NSIDC and Antarctica | sunshine hours
Tiny Gain? The September average in 1986 was 17.69 million sq km. In 2013 it was 19.35 million sq km. That is 1.6 million sq km higher!
Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project is set to do another 24 hours of alternate reality – nobody cares | Watts Up With That?
Gore is still stuck on stupid, his star is fading, and he clearly isn’t worth the effort. He’s already beaten, nobody but a few zealots care anymore.

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