Saturday, October 05, 2013


▶ What keeps a climate [junk] scientist up at night? (IPCC Edition) - YouTube
[6-min video] Ahead of the report's release we interviewed 20 climate scientists from the Unversity of New South Wales, University of Melbourne, Monash University and CSIRO to find out how we can close the gap between the science and public opinion.
What’s next after piracy charge for Finnish Greenpeace activist | Alaska Dispatch
Markku Kivinen, head of Helsinki University’s specialist Russian and east European Aleksanteri Institute, has cautioned Finnish politicians to use diplomatic channels and to avoid public comments that might irk Russia in the case of Finnish Greenpeace activist Sini Saarela, who was formally charged with piracy in Murmansk on Wednesday.
Don’t be fooled by climate deniers
One of the gravest errors that scientists and other people, who care about what is happening to our planet, have made is to have allowed climate deniers to name the warming of the planet and other changes as "global warming."
BBC News - Himalayas still uphill for climate report
scientists involved in the latest IPCC report said there had been very little ground-truthing of the satellite imagery obtained for the Himalayas.

"Ground measurements are still very few, and, in addition, these few are usually limited to very small and not very representative glaciers," said Prof Georg Kaser, a University of Innsbruck, Austria, glaciologist and a lead author on AR5's cryosphere chapter.
Climate Council raises $1m through its Obama-style fundraising drive | Environment |
The council’s chief executive, Amanda McKenzie, said 20,000 Australians had made donations. The average donation was $50.
The money would go to employing researchers, developing reports and increasing public awareness about climate change science, she said.

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