Saturday, October 05, 2013

Proud moment: Remember when policy-neutral IPCC chief Pachauri partnered with Paul McCartney on the "Less Meat = Less Heat" campaign?

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Partnering Paul McCartney of Beatles, he had recently addressed the European Parliament in Brussels, in a conference on global warming and food policy by launching a campaign called ‘Less Meat = Less Heat.’
2009: McCartney and Pachauri: "Less Meat = Less Heat" | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Today at the EP Sir Paul McCartney and IPCC Chair Dr Rajendra Kumar Pachauri toke part in a meeting with MEPs to make the case that reducing meat consumption would play a part in reducing CO2 emissions: "Less Meat = Less Heat"
Global warming: less meat = less heat
Everyone can fight climate change by not eating meat one day a week, urged Sir Paul McCartney at a European Parliament public hearing on "Global Warming and Food Policy: Less Meat = Less Heat" on Thursday. The panel of global warming and food policy experts, including Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Dr Rajendra K. Pachauri, urged legislators to encourage people to do more individually to fight climate change.

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Dan Pangburn said...

The IPCC is hopelessly clueless. They get it wrong again in their latest report.

Who guessed that it could be so simple?

All measurements point to the average global temperature TREND since 1610 (the start of regular recording of sunspot numbers) being driven by something(s) that are driven by the sunspot number time-integral. OSCILLATIONS above and below the trend are the net effect of ocean cycles. Since temperatures have been accurately measured world wide, the net effect of ocean cycles has been very nearly ±1/5 K with a period of 64 years. Most recent peak was in approximately 2005.

Aerosols, volcanos, change to the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide, etc. have had no significant effect on average global temperature.

All this is shown at and sub links.