Saturday, October 05, 2013


North Dakota canola crop 'phenomenal'
Canola acres may have been down in North Dakota this year, but good growing weather throughout the year are reported to have resulted in a "phenomenal" crop overall.
Rush Limbaugh Cites Heartland, NIPCC in Climate Change Talk | Somewhat Reasonable
Rush pointed out that so-called “skeptics” (aka “scientists” adhereing to the scientific method) have a wealth of observed data and research to dispute the “political science” claim that human activity is having a disastrous effect on the Earth’s climate.
▶ Global Warming: An Uncontrolled Experiment - YouTube
[12-min video] In recognition of climate week, Thom talks with renowned climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann about the dangers of global warming. Dr. Mann in concerned we may be running out of time to rein in global temperatures.
Attendees At Austin Climate Symposium Hear Scientist’s Call To Action | harman on earth
Climate scientists, as the latest offering from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shows, have never been more certain that humans are behind the dramatic increase in heat driving destructive changes across the planet. And yet, as Hayhoe told an audience at a climate symposium in Austin this morning, the public in recent years has increasingly come to believe that risks from climate change are overblown — making the concerted actions we need to survive the mounting challenges less likely.

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