Saturday, October 05, 2013

Nice timing, as usual: As 48 inches of early-October snow accumulates in South Dakota, "Protect Our Winters" warmists head to Washington to complain of CO2-induced lack of snow

POW Goes to Washington | First Tracks!! Online Ski Magazine
Washington, DC - Troubled by the prospect of climate change altering the winter they love and depend upon for their livelihoods, a high profile delegation of top winter sports athletes and outdoor leaders traveled to Washington this week to show support for President Obama’s climate action plan. Despite the government shutdown, a large group of lawmakers made it a priority to meet with the group and discuss the issue.
Blizzard Leaves Some Buried, Creates Travel Woes
As of midday Saturday, a trained spotter reported 48 inches of snow near Deadwood, S.D.

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Bob Campbell said...

How did the POW delegation get to Washington?
What is the total carbon footprint of this industry?
Are they more polluting than a coal power station?
If so tell the EPA.