Saturday, October 19, 2013


A Real Life Hero Among Us | Real Science
many NWS employees endorse my arguments in email but are afraid to post because they are afraid of retaliation
Argyll News: Andrew Argyle: Politicians’ fashions are changing – green is out, red is back | For Argyll
In surely the most egregious gaffe of all time, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded, jointly, to Al Gore for his bizarre movie, ‘An inconvenient Truth’ and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for its part in orchestrating the crescendo of ‘WOLF!’ cries from every corner. Al Gore and IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri, the ‘Laurel and Hardy of Climate Change’, received the prize in a blaze of publicity and it will be many a long day before the Nobel Committee lives that down.
Los Angeles Times endorses censorship with ban on letters from climate skeptics | Fox News
[J. Scott Armstrong] Fortunately, with many mass media outlets attempting to influence people by using censorship, citizens are able turn to alternative sources of information and argument on the Internet to inform their decisions. And many have. The polls provide evidence that the alarmist case is so weak that even with widespread censorship, citizens are not persuaded.

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