Saturday, October 19, 2013


Grand Junction company cashing in on cap and trade
Ruby Canyon Engineering has been recognized as a top contender for the title of best verification company in North America two years in a row based on an industry survey, President Michael Coté said.
Coté and his employees find themselves on the ground floor of a lucrative new business sector with enormous potential.
...the firm's highly trained scientists and engineers are paid $15,000 or more per contract to verify the extent to which these systems are working. Each project may take several months to complete.
Daily Kos: VA-Gov: Climate Change Scientist Michael Mann Returns To Help Defeat Ken Cuccinelli (R)
Climate scientist Michael Mann has teamed up with NextGen Climate Action in a new web video posted last week, urging Virginians to vote against Republican Ken Cuccinelli in the governor's race.
Fuel Fix » Pipelines are safer than trains and trucks, report says
WASHINGTON — When it comes to transporting oil, pipelines are the safest option, trumping trains and trucks, according to a new report from Canada’s Fraser Institute.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New study finds the natural Pacific Decadal Oscillation controls tornado activity, not CO2
A new study finds that the severity and locations of tornadoes is strongly influenced by the natural Pacific Decadal Oscillation, with more severe tornadoes occurring during the warm phase and fewer during the cold phase. The cold phase of the ~60-year Pacific Decadal Oscillation [PDO] started in the year 2000, and would explain why the US is currently experiencing the fewest tornadoes on record, and why higher CO2 is correlated with fewer severe tornadoes.

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