Saturday, October 19, 2013


Climate change ship heads into uncharted waters
And as we listened to our children coughing in their beds, how many of us made the calculations of how old they'll be when they're facing the worst. Will there be anywhere on earth for them to escape?
In Britain it's the cold and not the heat that is the big killer | Express Comment | Comment | Daily Express
WHERE excessive heat killing tens of thousands of Britons a year the anti-global warming alarmists would be having a field day.
Autumn over as winter snow sweeps Sweden - The Local
Snow and sub-zero temperatures hit widespread parts of Sweden on Thursday night and will carry on through Friday and beyond, with meteorologists warning motorists that now is the time to change to winter tyres.
Tories get a chilly response after 'put a jumper on' remark to fuel rises backfires | UK | News | Daily Express
RED-FACED Downing Street officials were forced to row back from comments yesterday which advised people worried about rocketing fuel bills to “put on a jumper”.

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