Tuesday, October 08, 2013


What next for EU climate diplomacy after aviation compromise?
Historic leaders at UN climate talks face tough questions after high-profile crash at ICAO summit in Montreal
Actual headline: "Solar must supply 25% of global energy by 2030, scientists say"
The scientists, David King and Richard Layard, say their proposal – which they call a Sunpower Program – should within little more than a decade be producing solar electricity which costs less than fossil fuel power.
The Daily Caller » Report: Top scientists call into question UN’s global warming study
Der Spiegel also notes that only 3 out of 114 climate models could actually reproduce the 15-year lapse in warming. This fact was completely omitted from what the UN reported to policymakers and the public.
How ocean data helped reveal the climate beast | Simple Climate
[caption] Wally Broecker today both studies the climate beast and how to calm it down.

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