Tuesday, October 08, 2013

USA Today on permafrost changes: "Many Alaskans are skeptical about the climate link"

Alaska sinks as climate change thaws permafrost
Permafrost has existed for eons. During the last Ice Age, it swept as far south as Missouri and Illinois.
...Many Alaskans are skeptical about the climate link. "Permafrost has
been thawing since the last Ice Age," says Jeff Curley, an engineer for
the Alaska Department of Transportation, saying its amount depends on
naturally-occurring variability. He notes the state's temperatures have
fluctuated every 30 or so years.

"When I'm in Alaska, I stop
talking about climate change," Schuur says, adding the term has become
politically charged. Still, he says Alaskans are deeply concerned about
permafrost changes.

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