Friday, November 29, 2013

IPCC scientist get $200k cash prize from fossil-fueled car company for allegedly helping prove that CO2 causes extreme weather

IPCC scientist wins prestigious environment prize » TckTckTck | The Global Call for Climate Action
Dr Qin Dahe, a glaciologist from China, was awarded the prestigious prize for his research into how climate change leads to more extreme weather events.
Dr Qin said he hopes that the scientific evidence of the fifth assessment report will be enough to create a breakthrough in global climate negotiations.

[Qin] There is an encouragingly fast development in climate models. We are now seeing much smaller discrepancies between prognoses and what we observe in the form of temperatures and carbon dioxide concentration. My hope is that the scientific evidence will prompt people all over the world to work together to reduce emissions.
Volvo Environment Prize - About the prize
The Volvo Environment Prize consists of a diploma, a glass sculpture and a cash award for SEK 1.5 million (approximately EUR 167 000 or USD 209 000)
In the words of the Jury, “the report demonstrated for the first time a clear link between climate change and many extreme events, an issue of immediate relevance for human
well-being in many parts of the world”.

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