Saturday, November 30, 2013


Michael Mann’s delusional fever | Climate Sanity
Mann uses his mighty reasoning powers to discern a conspiracy. You can’t be too careful when even your friends are out to get you. He warns us that this is ultimately the work of the Koch brothers, just like every other vile conspiracy against the goodness and light of global warming alarmism and the left in general. (It used to be Dick Cheney and Halliburton, but I guess they must have passed the world control levers over to the Koch brothers.) You see, Richard Muller now controls the New York Times, and the Koch brothers control Richard Muller.

Mann wraps his tin foil a little tighter and lectures…
UN Climate Fanatics | NoFrakkingConsensus
Ban Ki-moon mentioned [the IPCC] in his speech. Indeed, he went so far as to assure the assembled crowd that while the UN had been “very much troubled by science skeptics” just “a couple of years ago,” the recent release of the new IPCC report had put an end to all that.

There is now, he said, “much more clarity.” It “is a scientific finding” that climate change is humanity’s fault.

When UN leaders get together, this is what they tell each other. This, apparently, is what they believe.
Expert Reviews by Skeptics |
May I introduce a first team of climate experts that say nuts to the 5 th assessment working group’s report for the IPCC.

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