Saturday, November 30, 2013


Blimey! Skeptical Science Admits Current Decade Running 0.053°C Cooler Than Last Decade!
I suppose if the data for the current decade were running warmer, you would not be hearing any “just noise” talk from Rob.
Extreme weather events are increasing: yet another green propaganda myth – Telegraph Blogs
climate alarmists threw all moral compunction or intellectual integrity out of the window long ago. As we saw in the Climategate emails they smear; lie; twist data; temper with evidence; bully; exaggerate; abuse the scientific method… almost as a matter of routine. When you debate them in public, though, you imagine somehow that they'll rise to the occasion, that they'll behave a bit better when there are other people watching. They never do though.
Big Oil, Big-Gas lobby against coal. Shell leans on World Bank to nobble the competition « JoNova
Well, well, well. When Big-Oil fund skeptics, they’re evil polluters. When Big-Oil pay green lobbyists, they’re just being good citizens (see the ads, right?). Naturally Royal Dutch Shell are concerned about the environment, families, rare marsupials and what not. They wouldn’t just be green for the profit would they… oh, wait. Shell is one of the six gas “super majors” and all gas providers profit when coal is unfashionable. In terms of resources, Shell is now more of a gas company than an oil company.

Big-Gas loves wind turbines. Wind farms are fickle and coal power can’t ramp up and down quickly to fill in the gaps, but the more expensive gas can. No wonder Shell are lobbying actively against coal, and for wind.

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