Monday, November 11, 2013


Open Letter to the Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC: Conditional Invitation to Attend Powershift Central and Eastern Europe
we would like to respectfully invite you to attend our conference – but only if you do not attend the coal summit
Philippines envoy says UN climate talks are "fight for country's future"
Sano acknowledges it is currently hard to attribute single events to climate change. IPCC climate scientists currently have ‘low confidence’ that the intensity of tropical cyclones has increased since the 1950s, although they believe it is ‘likely’ they will increase in the late 21st century.
“Climate change means we face a future where super typhoons will no longer be one-in-one hundred year events… and we refuse to accept a process that will allow a future where Super Typhoons would happen every year, and that’s what happening.”

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Beale said...

One problem with being a fanatic is that you keep shooting your friends (metaphorically and often literally). I suppose we should be grateful to see the warmists at each others throats, but I confess I don't feel very grateful.