Friday, November 08, 2013


Thanks Prof Salby | ScottishSceptic
I didn’t like Prof Murry Salby’s talk – not because it wasn’t thoroughly convincing that the rise in CO2 was unlikely to be man-made, but because it was so convincing.
97 per cent of warmists cite a 97 per cent that’s false | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Any time you hear someone babble on about “97 per cent of climate scientists” you should conclude the speaker has no idea what they are talking about.
- Bishop Hill blog - Speaking volumes
Mike Kelly has a letter in the Times today calling for an independent panel of statisticians and engineers to assess what the climatologists are telling us.
Wisconsin Summers Getting Much Cooler Over The Last 80 Years | Real Science
The frequency of 90ºF readings in Wisconsin has dropped 75% since the 1930′s.

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