Saturday, November 16, 2013


Heavy snow closing highways around British Columbia
Highways 5 and 16 are closed, with no detour available at this time.
Bipartisan plan to protect an "all-of-the-above" energy strategy | TheHill
[Whitfield (R) and Manchin (D)] EPA has proposed standards for new power plants that are so extreme they would effectively eliminate coal as a source of future electricity generation in America. The rule requires the adoption of costly capture and storage (CCS) technologies that are not yet commercially viable, essentially setting a standard that is impossible to meet. No other country in the world has adopted such an extreme position.
Question Time: No link between climate change and Typhoon Haiyan, says Lord Lawson | UK | News | Daily Express
"If you look at the inter-governmental panel on climate change they say there is absolutely no connection between climate change and tropical storms.

"This is I'm afraid a scare. There is absolutely no scientific merit in it and no statistical merit in it. This is fact."

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