Saturday, November 16, 2013


America’s Wet Drought | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
Obama was busy prattling on about “crippling droughts” just a few months ago. Perhaps someone should point out to him that, since then, nearly all of the USA has been wetter than normal.
NASS: Ark. records broken for corn, cotton, soybeans, rice
Despite a soaking start to the 2013 growing season, Arkansas farmers will likely end 2013 with yield records in corn, cotton, soybeans and rice, according to projections released Nov. 8 by the National Agricultural Statistics Service.
Radical Environmentalism vs. Jobs and the Economy | Texas GOP Vote
Congress should recall Obama’s campaign promises to bankrupt America’s coal industry and then use its U.S. Constitutional legislative authority to rein in his radical environment dictates being imposed by Executive Orders and his federal bureaucracies. American jobs and our economy depend on it.
Living on Earth: Beyond the Headlines
DYKSTRA: Forty years of this, back and forth over The Piltdown Man and whether it was a real discovery, happened. It wasn’t until 1953, 60 years ago this month, that it was revealed that some of the bones were fixed. They were chemically treated to look like they were half a million years old when actually they were a few hundred years old.

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