Sunday, November 17, 2013

For Jeff Sachs: Remember when warmists tried to sell some drought in 2012 as "The New Dust Bowl"? Nebraska corn yields in 2012 were 22 times 1934's yield

What Drought Did to Crop Yields in the 1930s
In 1934, Nebraska saw the driest year on record with only 14.5 inches of rainfall. The state's corn crop dropped even more to only 6.2 bushels per acre.
[Nebraska State Average 142 Bushels per Acre]
As of July 19, even *unirrigated* 2012 Nebraska corn yields forecast was 19X 1934 Nebraska corn yields
median forecasted yields for rainfed corn are 118-130 bushels per acre


Anonymous said...

And 1936 was the dust bowl year where yields dropped to nearly 0.

Athlete said...

Children won't know what corn is.