Sunday, November 17, 2013


50th Daily Record in a Row for Antarctic Sea Ice Extent (and 104th in total) | sunshine hours
November 16th 2013 (Day 320) saw the 50th Daily Record for Antarctic Sea Ice Extent in a row! It was also the 104th daily record for 2013.
The Markets Think Al Gore's 'Settled' Global Warming Science Is Bunk - Forbes
as evidenced by the popularity of coastal property among warmists and non-warmists alike, the market says the ‘science’ predicting catastrophe is utter nonsense.
Blustery, snowy weather wreaking havoc on Calgary highways | Ice Age Now
At least 160 crashes had been reported by 11 a.m.
Utah- January Cooling At 63F / Century | sunshine hours
Did you know that January in Utah is cooling at 61F per Century since 1998? And many other months are cooling too.

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