Thursday, November 28, 2013


Arctic winds and heavy snowfall hitting Italy
One-and-a-half meters of snow in some places.
Calling the Climate-Change Bluff
The facts are more than a wee bit different from the proclamations, computer models, dire predictions, and related assertions by much of the green-blinkered media.”
IPCC’s AR5 “The Movie”: No comments or ratings allowed | The View From Here
Turns out that, apparently, the powers that be at the IPCC are still dancing as though it is 2007, when from their cloistered view of the world, communication was only a one-way street. This was back in the good old days, when inconvenient comments of “expert reviewers” could be haughtily ignored except when the number thereof were being paraded as “evidence” of the “thoroughness” “inclusiveness” and “transparency” of their “process”.

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