Thursday, November 28, 2013


International polar bear forum Moscow, Dec. 3-6 | polarbearscience
If you’ve wondered why there’s been so much polar bear hype circulating over the last couple of weeks, the reason is almost certainly this upcoming meeting.
[British singer] Morrissey Attacks 'Thankskilling,' Says Eating Turkey Spurs Global Warming
the meat industry is responsible for 51% of human-caused greenhouse-gas emission
For these we give thanks? - George F. Will performed the public service of defeating Barack Obama's ascription of every disagreeable effect to one of two causes -- George W. Bush or global warming. Concerning the latter, a CNN anchor wondered if an asteroid that passed by Earth on Feb. 15 was "an effect of, perhaps, global warming." The Los Angeles Times announced that it had stopped publishing letters questioning global warming caused by human activity.

Which makes sense, if you agree with The New Yorker's resident expert, who called the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report on warming "the last word on climate change." It evidently is the first science to reach the end of its subject, all questions answered. Therefore it is puzzling that dramatic predictions of an unusually high number of 2013 hurricanes were dramatically wrong.

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