Thursday, November 21, 2013


Canada Leads Race to Climate Disaster | DeSmog Canada
[Warmist Elizabeth May] "There is an election coming in 2015. We have to make climate change the key issue."
Polish 'Bad COP' feared after ministerial sacking | EurActiv
“It is pretty clear that the Poles have an interest in slowing things down,” one EU source told EurActiv. “They’ve even said so to us quite bluntly. It shows that their motives for hosting this conference were not to save the climate but rather to slow down the process of doing so.”

The Green MEP Bas Eickhout agreed, pointing to a general feeling that as chair of the COP19, Poland was steering the climate summit off the rails, with help from countries such as Australia, which have blocked discussions on loss and damage.

“What’s going on is ridiculous,” Eickhout said over a line from Warsaw. “On Monday, Poland hosted a coal summit. On Tuesday, Tusk opened a plenary promoting shale gas, a fossil fuel, and on Wednesday, he fires the COP president, who is also climate minister.”

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Otter said...

Went to DeSmugBlargh (for the very first time!) to leave a comment. Figures, have to have an account... not worth the effort.

Anyway, here is what I wanted to say:

Canada leads the way!
Along with Japan, Germany, Australia, Russia, China, India... and so on, and so forth.