Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Probably just a coincidence: After Michael Bloomberg announces 50M anti-coal campaign, Bloomberg News smears coal as "the new tobacco"

2011: Bloomberg Donates $50 Million to Sierra Club Coal Campaign -
WASHINGTON — Expressing frustration with the paralysis at the national and international levels on setting policies to combat climate change, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced on Thursday that he would donate $50 million to the Sierra Club’s campaign to shut down coal-fired power plants across the United States.
Coal Seen as New Tobacco Sparking Investor Backlash: Commodities - Bloomberg
“Maybe we’ve hit some kind of nerve in the debate,” Christine Torklep Meisingset, Storebrand’s head of sustainable investments in Oslo, said by telephone. “Hopefully, other investors will be acting along the same lines. There could be an interesting parallel to tobacco.”

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