Monday, November 25, 2013


Warsaw Follies II |
Quick, name the UN Secretary General and tell me if the last 3 SGs of the UN have been competent to run a Dairy Queen or a Chili’s.
Climate Crisis - Who Will Act? -
[Former UN chief Kofi Annan] We should also expect to witness a dramatic increase of various infectious diseases, especially vector-borne diseases such as malaria or dengue fever.
...Climate change will threaten our security, exacerbating tensions that lead to violent conflicts as the scramble for resources escalates out of control.
Global Warming | Thanksgiving | Maunder Minimum | Travel Delay
One suspects that no matter how cold the storms get, the usual suspects will be out claiming “global warming.”
The Durango Herald 11/24/2013 | Udall, Hagel: Global warming, security connected
Hagel’s speech voiced his concerns about the growing number of natural disasters and extreme weather that could be a result of climate change.

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