Monday, November 25, 2013


Masking and unmasking of global warming by aerosols
climate models with a stronger aerosol masking effect also have a stronger unmasking effect as aerosols decline.

Understanding aerosol effects is one of the biggest challenges for climate scientists. Aerosol processes are highly complex, and the magnitude of aerosol cooling effects in today’s climate is uncertain.
Carbon in atmosphere 'could warm planet for centuries' - Telegraph
They found that 40 per cent of the carbon would be absorbed by the oceans or landmasses within 20 years of emissions ceasing, 60 per cent within 100 years and 80 per cent within 1,000 years.
UN Global Warming Summit Reaches ‘Consensus’ as Obama Brings U.S. Aboard | National Review Online
By acknowledging loss and damage as legitimate, the developed world has abandoned science, accepted a present-day link between global warming and natural disasters that no data shows, and exposed their taxpayers to potentially unlimited future liability.
Canada again under international pressure to list polar bears as threatened | polarbearscience
We can expect even more of this over the next few weeks, because an important international polar bear meeting is coming up in early December. I expect that the propaganda, aided by an all-too-willing-media, is going to get intense.

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