Sunday, November 24, 2013

Richard Smith: In order to prevent CO2-induced bad weather, we need to "overthrow this global economic system and all of the governments"; replace with "an eco-socialist civilization"

Sleepwalking to Extinction | PopularResistance.Org
the only alternative — impossible as this may seem right now — is to overthrow this global economic system and all of the governments of the 1% that prop it up and replace them with a global economic democracy, a radical bottom-up political democracy, an eco-socialist civilization.


Anonymous said...

Billions will die.

Bob Campbell said...

Who is RS?

eco-geek said...

Why doesn't Richard Smith move to the world's only existing eco-socialist civilisation and try it out for himself?

North Korea has CO2 emission levels to die for and I am sure his views will make him extremely popular there.