Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Top climate scientists call for fracking ban in letter to Gov. Jerry Brown - San Jose Mercury News
"If what we're trying to do is stop using the sky as a waste dump for our carbon pollution, and if we're trying to transform our energy system, the way to do that is not by expanding our fossil fuel infrastructure," said Ken Caldeira, an atmospheric scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford University.
The Super Storm Meme | The Resilient Earth
Careful indeed. The next time the natural disaster du jour is pronounced “Super” or “the worst ever” step back and take a deep breath. Odds are it is nothing of the sort. And when your friend or coworker blames the latest drought, heatwave, flood, blizzard or cold snap on global warming realize that they are just mindlessly repeating a meme, implanted into their minds like a disease by other witless carriers of global warming syndrome. Sadly, the only cure is to wait for the madness to fade in the fullness of time.
Tesla Is Planning To Make An Electric Pickup Truck | ThinkProgress
“If you’re trying to replace the most gasoline miles driven, you have to look at what people are buying,” Musk told CNN Money on Tuesday. “That’s the best selling car in America. If people are voting that’s their car, then that’s the car we have to deliver.”
Column - Greens feed on fears … and on Typhoon Haiyan’s dead | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
once again almost everything they say about this disaster is false or misleading.

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