Wednesday, November 13, 2013


October in the USA Since 1998 | sunshine hours
According to the NOAA, October 2013 was the 37th coldest since 1895.
US Forest Fires Down 77% Since 1938 | Real Science
There were 42,538 wild fires in the US this year – the lowest total since 1984.
Warsaw talks to thrash out UN climate roadmap : Nature News & Comment
“Warsaw will bring some clarification on the structure of the new agreement,” Villagrasa says. “That’s not sexy for the media, but it’s important.”
SOI alumni attend COP19 in Poland | Students on Ice Blog
Ultimately as a seventeen year old I could not physically attend COP19. But the Policy paper that I have helped write will help influence the same politics which have changed our world, time and time again.

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