Tuesday, December 03, 2013


Study Rebuts IPCC, Calls For More Severe Emissions Cuts | Climate Central
Jeffrey Sachs, an economist, study co-author, and the director of the Earth Institute, told reporters that the world is currently on course for at least a 6°F increase in global average temperatures by the end of the century, a scenario he called “completely reckless.”
...The more philosophical aspects of the paper caused it to be rejected by one scientific journal, Hansen said.
Climate Alarmists Wrong Again: Science Disproves Claim Typhoon Haiyan Was Caused by Humans | NewsBusters
Claiming that global warming is causing more typhoons and hurricanes is in line with a new strategy by climate alarmists. Since the actual global temperatures have not matched their wild predictions at all, they've now shifted to claiming that global warming will somehow cause more extreme weather events. Earlier this year, the alarmists and their media followers erroneously tried to claim that the tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma, was somehow related to global warming

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