Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Government and Arctic scientist part ways | Alaska Dispatch
When scientist Dr. Charles Monnett saw dead polar bears floating in the Arctic waters off of Alaska in 2004, he could not have foreseen that it would lead, a decade later, to a career-ending inquiry into his credibility and the trustworthiness of his work.
Gov. Heineman Cancels Duplicative Study on Climate Change - Nebraska
Heineman sent a letter to members of the Legislature Tuesday, noting that eliminating the study will remove $44,000 from the budget that was appropriated for the study.

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Les Johnson said...

I posted this on the Alaska Dispatch site:

The investigation was never about his paper. This is stated directly by the MMS.

The investigation was about the conflict of interest in reviewing privately a submission by Derocher, for a 1.3 million grant. Derocher then submitted the application, which was reviewed and approved by the committtee that Monnet was chairman of. This is a clear conflict of interest. This is also what the letter of reprimand was about, which was the email exchange Monnet had with Derocher.

As regards the paper, it should be noted that his wife peer reviewed the paper. Another reviewer was Derocher.