Thursday, December 26, 2013


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This morning we had Professor Steve Jones interviewed yet again on the subject of BBC coverage of science, with the great man once again given the opportunity to portray the climate debate as being between "science" and "deniers".
16-Year Global Warming Pause, Scramble For An Explanation Among Spiegel’s Top 10 Science Stories of 2013!
So whatever excuses or wordsmithing Spiegel tries to employ to save face from having been a grand believer of the AGW dogma since the very start, two things are clear: 1) the warming has definitely stopped, and 2) natural factors are really much more important than assumed and that the skeptics were right all along.
Top Scientists : Either Shrinking Or Expanding Antarctic Sea Ice Is A Sign Of Global Warming Catastrophe | Real Science
Government scientists are much smarter now though, and they know that expanding Antarctic sea ice means we are all going to die from global warming.

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