Thursday, December 26, 2013


Cold weather sends vegetable prices soaring - Globes
One of the results of the winter storms that struck Israel two weeks ago is being felt in the price of vegetables. Prices of some vegetables have soared by several hundred percent, and there is a shortage of some vegetables in stores and markets.
How to land a green job in 2014 | Grist
the vast majority of environmental professionals work within the existing infrastructure of compliance with regulations for clean air, health and safety, clean water, solid waste, and hazardous waste, as well as with zoning laws and building codes.
Enchanted Ad Outpaces FedEx’s Adoption of Eco-Friendly Vehicles - Bloomberg
FedEx drew widespread praise a decade ago when it unveiled a hybrid electric delivery truck and said it could replace its 30,000 diesel-burning vehicles in 10 years. In its most recent annual report, the delivery giant said its fleet includes 360 hybrid-electric and 165 full-electric trucks, or less than 1 percent of the now-54,100 ground vehicles in its FedEx Express division.

Other major fleet operators, from UPS to Verizon, have slowed their hybrid-vehicle deployments as well

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