Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Warmist Greg Laden: Did I say that tallbloke is a criminal? I meant he's not a criminal

Computers Seized in Cyber-Thief Investigation (updated again) : Greg Laden's Blog 

I've decided to update this blog entry (20 Dec 2011) because it occurs to me that certain things could be misinterpreted...I want to make it clear that I do not think that the blogger "TallBloke" a.k.a. Roger Tattersall has broken British law...The fact that we (Tattersall and I) are on very different sides of this issue should mean spirited debate. It should mean an open conversation about the issues. It should not mean undue accusations or harassment. In pursuit of that ideal, I am offering Mr. Tattersall to publish a blog post on this site (Greg Laden's Blog) expressing his opinion on the matter, and he has agreed to to so, through his solicitor, instead of pursuing legal action that was previously suggested. I look forward to receiving the text for this post and, again in the spirit of open and public debate about these important issues, I will post it prominently and place it on the select feed for Scienceblog.com to give it maximum exposure.

Laden's original post is here.


Otter said...

bin laden is a lying bastard.

Pops said...

He blinked! What a wuss.

Anonymous said...

Given Laden's previous, I hope that Tallbloke can guarantee that his post will appear exactly as written.