Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[Nice roundup of quotes from weathermen who refuse to drink the global warming hoax Kool-Aid]  | ThinkProgress

Forecast the Facts has identified dozens more zombie weathermen (yes, they’re all male) from around the country. These climate denier meteorologists are betraying the public’s trust and distorting America’s airwaves with ideological science denial:

ClimateGate quotes - Selected Emails

Here are some email excerpts from the the world’s leading climate scientists who
control much of the UN’s IPCC climate reports.

[Actor from M*A*S*H still believes in the global warming hoax] | 89.3 KPCC

The Minnesota-born, Hollywood-raised Farrell appeared on M*A*S*H, produced films, and beyond his career as an actor has extensive experience as an activist. He compares global warming response to the death penalty; both, he says, are self-destructive acts.

C-Ville: UVA - Michael Mann touts skeptics, targets "deniers"

Multiple investigations cleared Mann of any allegations of wrongdoing.

...the University planned for dissent. Two uniformed police officers watched the door to the Clark Hall auditorium where Mann spoke to a capacity crowd. Inside, one plain-clothes police officer kept watch during Mann’s hour-long discussion...

Malfi, a doctoral candidate in ecology whose work concerns bumble bee populations, said in an interview that Mann is an “important spokesman” for the separation of science and politics. She also spoke about her exposure to climate change deniers.

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