Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Three-minute video: Warmists in Doha claim that they're willing to wear "CO2 Sequestration Masks" [to prevent bad weather]

CO2 Sequestration Masks: A Harbinger of Coercions to Come? - By Paul Driessen - Planet Gore - National Review Online
...delegates here at COP 18 remain steadfast in their cause and willing to do almost anything it takes to “save the earth.”

CFACT highlighted this eagerness to go to extremes by introducing a new gadget called the “sequestration of exhalation device” — a mask that would filter CO2 from a person’s breath. Conference delegates were asked if they would wear such a mask if it would filter out all the CO2 they exhale. Surprisingly, many said yes.
Of course the mask really did no such thing, but those questioned were unaware that the proposition being made was done in sport. A few actually said they would have their children wear the mask, even going as far as to say their pets could wear a filtration mask too.
If COP 18 attendees are willing to consent to wearing an invasive mask, just how far are they willing to cajole, push, or coerce the rest of the world to take action?

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