Tuesday, June 18, 2013

English lit major, carbon credit saleswoman, and Climate Change Act author Bryony Worthington weighs in

The energy bill debate is distorted by climate contrarians | Environment | guardian.co.uk
Ministers give license to those threatening to derail Europe's efforts to tackle the world's most difficult environmental problem
The parliamentary debate on the energy bill resumes in the Lords on Tuesday and is set to be distorted by a small but influential group of global warming contrarians. This group arrogantly believe they have a better understanding of the complicated science [Wait, so now it's complicated?] of climate change than the vast majority of leading scientists in the field.

David Cameron meanwhile has sadly promoted other members of this reckless gang of deniers to positions of influence.
• Bryony Worthington is Labour's shadow energy and climate change minister in the Lords
Flashback: UK: Is everybody OK with Bryony Worthington's organization selling climate hoax credits for 7.52 Euros when the EU is selling them for 2.91 Euros?
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graduated in English literature at Queens' College, Cambridge
Flashback: More from Bryony Worthington (young green lobbyist who "largely drafted" the UK Climate Change Act)
[Booker] One of the most bizarre features of the Climate Change Act – put through by Ed Miliband when he was our first climate change secretary and passed almost unanimously by MPs – is that it was largely drafted by a young green lobbyist, Bryony Worthington, seconded to the Civil Service from Friends of the Earth, where she had been in charge of their global warming campaign...But what is terrifying is not just that such a person should have in effect been put in charge of our country’s energy policy, but that there appears to be scarcely a single MP who can see why this is utterly insane.

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