Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Articles: Why Environmental Professionals Hate All of the Above
What's behind this change of heart? Maybe it's the need to continue the struggle. Admitting that natural gas is clean and that America has enough of it to power the country for a century -- where would that leave the leaders of environmental groups that now raise hundreds of millions in donations? It might leave them having to make a living like everyone else.

Maybe the environmental pros are more interested in their own survival than that of the planet. To maintain their constituency's support and the generous donations that go with it, environmental groups must always protest something.
Jennifer Marohasy » Peer Review Falters at the Altar of Conviction
The implications of prejudicial editing and refereeing in climate science are significant, because ultimately our best protection against the hazards of weather and climate will come from a more robust theory of climate than that offered by naïve belief in the power of human-related greenhouse forcing.
Will the Cost of the Climate Wars be the BBC’s Integrity? | Watts Up With That?
[Jim Steele] So why has the BBC published this story filled with references to zombie data and half-truths? The region’s temperatures are cooling, sea level is dropping and sea ice is above average. The story about Kivalina has been published many times before and residents sued Exxon six years ago. Are they trying to rekindle global fear in a time of paused global warming? Are they now tools of the IPCC? Climategate emails revealed Michael Mann’s distress at a BBC’s story that the PDO could delay global warming, and he told his fellow advocates he would have a talk with their “science” writers. Did Michael Mann and the fellow IPCC warming advocates successfully pressure the BBC to present such a biased and unsupported story that does not educate the public about the complexities of climate change but instead attempts to instill gloom and climate fear? I once saw the BBC as a trusted source, but count me as a climate war casualty. I will never again trust another BBC climate article.
PIK Scientist Gerstengarbe: “A Single Heat Wave Is Absolutely No Sign Of Clmate Change”
How often have we heard the alarmists say “one cold winter is not climate” but then claim that a single tornado or a few days of hot weather are ominous signs of global warming?

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