Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Despite slowdown, global coal remains a planet-destroying monster | Grist
global coal consumption has advanced by over 50% in the past decade.  [If coal burning determines the Earth's temperature, why hasn't the Earth warmed over that period?]
Twitter / Revkin: Why is a Huge Chunk of the ...
Why is a Huge Chunk of the Sun 'Missing'? via @yulsman @DiscoverMag & @coreyspowell  [I wonder if stuff like this could ever affect the weather even more than me line-drying my clothes?]
Los Angeles City Council permits climate skeptic board seat after forcing him to admit warmism |
You have the freedom to believe what warmists want you to believe — if you want city employment in Los Angeles.
Quadrant Online - The climate of bias at Their ABC
I’m sure the current government appreciates the ABC’s continued promotion of climate alarmism.

Unfortunately, when it comes to reporting on climate change, Catalyst does not offer its audience balanced science. Neither does it offer good investigative journalism. What it does offer is climate religion and taxpayer-funded propaganda.

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