Thursday, November 03, 2011

More brain-dead reporting from the New York Times: They carefully avoid acknowledging Richard Muller's very recent climate realist statements

Dr. Muller’s Findings on Global Warming -
This may not be exactly the result the Koch foundation had in mind when it forked out one-quarter of the $600,000 it took to do the study. Charles Koch and his brother, David, are oil and gas billionaires who argue that warming is a hoax. They spent heavily to defeat California’s global warming initiative in a 2010 state referendum. Still, we should thank them for helping to change the mind of an influential scientist.

Mr. Muller says he doesn’t know how much of the warming is caused by humans, what its effects will be or what should be done about it. He shows little interest in entering the political fight. Still, his acceptance of the reality of warming may help move the conversation — once and for all — away from questions about whether it exists to smart strategies for addressing it.
Flashback to yesterday: Muller: "I certainly feel that there is lots of room for skepticism on the human component of warming"

Flashback to yesterday: Muller: "I never said you shouldn't be a skeptic. I never said that."
Muller: "Al Gore camp? That's ridiculous...what I point out is that most of what appears in An Inconvenient Truth is absolutely either wrong, exaggerated, or misleading."
Muller: "...some people say I proved that there was no ClimateGate. No. NO! The ClimateGate thing was a scandal. It's terrible what they did. It's shameful the way they hid the data."

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